This blog is created mostly as a forum for discussing what the law says about laughing matters a.k.a comedy. This section of the blog is styled “Comedy Legal.” However, in a separate non-law section, styled “Other Controversies,” the platform also offers a side dish of commentaries on the hot button issues of the day in our society and culture. Therefore, all articles listed in the CATEGORIES box at the sidebar appear either under the heading “Comedy Legal” or under the heading “Other Controversies.” In both sections, we gladly invite readers’ comments on the issues being discussed in each post.

And in the non-law section “Other Controversies”, we will feature the occasional guest commentary on the controversies of the day. Guest writers are required to be “authentic” voices who can be trusted as credible on the subject matter or topic of their contribution or commentary.  Hopefully, this requirement won’t be a high bar for any would-be guest commentator(s) since the subjects or topics under discussion are the very same everyday cultural issues of our time.  Please join us!      

O’Carl’s Bio:

O. Carl Unegbu is a lawyer, writer and comedy editor.  He studied journalism at Columbia after graduating law school at the University of Miami. His articles have appeared in The Real Deal,  Reuters Forum Journal, World Policy Journal,  Africa Journal, the Journal of International Arbitration, Leverage Magazine, the New York Review of Magazines, Gotham GazetteCity Limits and New York County Lawyer. Prior to his admission to the New York Bar, Carl practiced law in Miami and served as a law clerk at the International Court of Arbitration in Paris. He was an editor at Comedybeat.com and is the author of the book “Comedy Under Attack: The Golden Age and the Headwinds” (2013)

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